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Who Needs a Joint Replacement Surgery

A number of people are opting for joint replacement surgeries throughout the country. Although you may not need it for sure, there are some symptoms which indicate that surgery is on the cards for you. These symptoms can include some early signals suggesting that you have some joint issues. There is no need to worry however because the Arthroscopy  treatment is at the top of its game at the moment.

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Here are some of the indicators that will tell you to start preparing for joint replacement surgery:

Early arthritis

Arthritis is a situation in which the affected person’s joints weaken and wither away over time. Arthritis is a natural by-product of ageing, but in many people, it becomes a dangerous problem at an early age. With this extreme situation, also making simple things like standing up and bending over can become a problem. If you develop arthritis at an early age, chances are that you will have to get a joint replacement surgery in order to remain functional later in life.

In such a condition, you should consult some of the best Joint Replacement Surgeon in Pune to inform you of the benefits of joint replacement.

Excess Weight

It is wrong to assume that people who are overweight will surely require joint replacement surgery, but past cases have suggested that this might be a possibility. People who are obese put more pressure on their joints, causing them to wear away faster. The joints around the knee and hip can come under a lot of weight. In these conditions, it is best to get a joint replacement surgery. This is because it will be hard to perform physiotherapeutic exercises to reduce the pain when your joints are already sore. Once you have the surgery done, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle to shed a few kilograms to make sure your new joints work properly.

Excess strain and pressure

If you work out too much, or if your job needs you to put a lot of pressure on your joints like standing for too long or lifting very heavy loads, it can cause them to wear out early. Applying an acute amount of pressure on your joints daily will damage them faster. As damage control, joint replacement surgery may work best. This will ensure that your new joints are in working condition for you to get back to your workout routine in no time.

Partial Replacement

Sometimes, when patients acquire only a small damage to the joints, owing to some accident or otherwise, Arthroscopy Surgeon may suggest a method known as partial replacement surgery. The best Orthopedic Speciality Care Clinic in Pune provides top-notch provisions for this kind of surgery. In partial replacement, only the damaged part of the joint is removed, and most of it is preserved. However, partial replacement does not guarantee relief. You may continue to face problems with your joint. Since your joint is already lightly damaged, you will be at the risk of developing more complications like arthritis.


As mentioned earlier, there can be no guarantee that you will need joint replacement surgery later in life. If you are a strong individual who does not stress his/her joints too much, you might get away without ever getting one. However, if you suffer from the aforementioned conditions, chances are that you might have one coming your way. In case you decide to have joint replacement surgery, consider Orthopedic Speciality Care Clinic as the best joint replacement centre in Pune. A joint replacement surgery may be just the thing you need to lead a painless and proactive life.



Joint Replacement

Is Joint Replacement ideal for you?

Is it right to say that you are facing pain as a sharp hurt or consuming sensation in your bulk when you stretch or move them? Also, for the most part, this agonizing torment is around your hands, lower legs, hips, knees and deteriorates in chilly sticky conditions. Therapeutically clarified, this could be an extraordinary fix of joints because of mechanical stress. The weight could be anything going from damage, weight, loss of muscle quality, disability of fringe nerves, over exercise and so on.

Joint Replacement Surgeon In Pune

An agonizing joint

Joint signs incorporate agony, aggravation, soreness, throbs, and solidness in one or several joints. After a series of tests, x-beams the orthopedic visualization could be in any way similar to osteoarthritis, osteonecrosis, damaged and defamed joints and so forth. The side effects might be gentle at first or intense however can exacerbate if ignored.

Who is the recognized joint substitution?

Bones are inundated by the bloodstream and to stay solid and fix themselves, bones must be bolstered with sound joints. At the point when these joints are unhealthy and useless bloodstream gets restricted thereby hurting the bones also. In various cases, orthopedic specialist proposes medications like physiotherapy, footing or agony reliever. In any case, in serious conditions when the joints have destroyed completely, or the agony is grievous, or when the ligament that lines the bones have harmed the orthopedic is left with just a personal choice and that is Total joint substitution medical system where the injured joint is replaced by an orthopedic prosthesis. The prosthesis is made of metal, plastic or earthenware gadget that repeats the development of a typical sound joint.

Who can experience joint substitution?

  • Specialists propose joint substitution to patients if and just if
  • The torment and firmness are perpetual and have been persistently existing for over a half year and disappointment of non-careful treatment.
  • Low quality of life of the patient
  • Bone harm because of choked bloodstream
  • Disfigurement through swelling or bowed shape

When it may not help?

Add up to joint substitution may not help or demonstrate futile if one has

  • An ongoing contamination
  • History of heart assault or stroke
  • Agony is while resting and not while strolling
  • Nerve break around the joint.

Restorative Facts

After the arrangement of x-beams, arthroscopic sees the choice is made by the specialist for joint substitution. Anyway one in many may get few symptoms amid joint substitution medical system to be specific

  • Thrombosis
  • Contamination
  • Mileage, releasing, disengagement of the prosthesis
  • Nerve or vein damage amid medical procedure

Is it the usual thing for you?

With 10 to 15 years of relief from trouble ensured joint substitution is increasing large prevalence. Anyway, the choice to get transitory help or lasting is abandoned over to you the patient. The doctor says that for an adequate joint embed the specialist contributes 10 percent, 15 percent the surgery, 10 percent the post-careful consideration and rest is up to the patient. Find out about the method, talk about it with your specialist and your family. Afterall, wellbeing is riches you know.



Bone Care!

It’s a fact of life: As you age, your bones become thinner and lose their density. Over time, you become more prone to injury.

Following are the steps to pause thinning of bones.

  1. Eat lots of vegetables: Vegetables are the best source of Vitamin C, which stimulates the production of bone-forming cells. Greens and yellows have been shown in studies to help with bone mineralization.
  2. Add Vitamin D to your day: To help absorb calcium Vitamin D is required. Early morning walk in the sunlight is the best source of Vit D.
  3. Smoking & Alcohol consumption: Loss of bone mineral density is associated with tobacco use and excessive alcohol consumption
  4. Regular Bone density checkup: There are tests to measure bone mineral density that helps to determine risks of osteoporosis and fracture. It is recommended that women are tested within two years of menopause.