Knee Arthritis


the human knee is designed to withstand a lifetime of stressful activity, but however, sometimes arthritis intrudes, interfering with the knee’s ability to cushion the body from stress and eventually causing the pain that dramatically erodes the quality of life.

In arthritis,

Joints behave like a rusted door hinge

Arthritis makes the patient feel old even though they are still in the prime of life making them to curb or to quit the activities they want to enjoy

But there is hope..

How I am going to face this problem?

Physical therapy,
Modification of activities,
Art of living,

Medical line of treatment

The surgical line of treatment

I am suffering from arthritis, what to choose?

Early stage: pain on exertion— non-operative treatment

Intermediate stage: constant pain, some mechanical derangement— conservative, Surgery

Late stage: instability, axis deviation—joint replacement surgery.

Modification of activities

  • Avoid walking on uneven ground
  • Use ice packs in the acute stage of pain
  • Use high chairs
  • Do not sleep with a pillow below the knees
  • When climbing steps, use good leg first
  • Avoid smoking

Art of living with deformity

  • Yoga
  • Keep one self-mobile
  • Low impact exercises, walking, cycling, swimming, etc
  • Physical therapy…


Drug therapy  (medical line )

Anti-inflammatory medication

Chondroprotective agents (glucosamine glycans-chondroitin sulfate, diacerine)

Viscosupplementation (intraarticular Synvisc injection)

Intraarticular steroid injections (depo medrol)

The surgical line of treatment

  • High tibial osteotomy
    The old conventional technique of shifting biomechanical axis by
    doing corrective osteotomy in the upper part of the tibia
  • Arthroscopy
    Joint lavage and debridement and
    Intra-articular injection using the arthroscope.
  • Arthroplasty
    Joint replacement surgery,
    Partial (UKR)
    Total (TKR)
Joint Replacement Surgeon In Pune
Joint Replacement Surgeon In Pune