Arthroscopy surgeon in Pune

Arthroscopy, a procedure for diagnosing and treating joint problems.
A surgeon inserts a narrow tube attached to a fiber-optic video camera through a small incision — about the size of a buttonhole.
The view inside your joint is transmitted to a high-definition video monitor.
Doctors use arthroscopy to help diagnose and treat a variety of joint conditions

Dr. Nikhil Likhate is practicing as a consultant orthopedic and joint replacement surgeon in Pune at Sahyadri specialty hospital (Deccan Gymkhana), Jehangir hospital, Hardikar hospital and all major hospital across the city of Pune since last 8 years.


Bone Care!

It’s a fact of life: As you age, your bones become thinner and lose their density. Over time, you become more prone to injury.

Following are the steps to pause thinning of bones.

  1. Eat lots of vegetables: Vegetables are the best source of Vitamin C, which stimulates the production of bone-forming cells. Greens and yellows have been shown in studies to help with bone mineralization.
  2. Add Vitamin D to your day: To help absorb calcium Vitamin D is required. Early morning walk in the sunlight is the best source of Vit D.
  3. Smoking & Alcohol consumption: Loss of bone mineral density is associated with tobacco use and excessive alcohol consumption
  4. Regular Bone density checkup: There are tests to measure bone mineral density that helps to determine risks of osteoporosis and fracture. It is recommended that women are tested within two years of menopause.